An Alaskan diamond willow walking stick would make a great gift for anyone who enjoys the great outdoors. The perfect gift for the person who has it all. A unique gift that encourages a healthy life style and will provide years of hiking joy.



Latest Alaska Diamond Willow Quest update

1 Jan 2010


The business model at Alaska Diamond Willow is recession proof. Not only did we not suffer any losses, we were able to double our sales during the Great Recession of 2009.  I know you're thinking it's unlikely I would sell 2 sticks during one year and technically you would be correct. However, I was able to sell one stick, on sale, and bartered away a second stick. I initially considered the bartered stick my best sale to date. I suggested rather than pay for the stick the buyer put the money into gas for his boat and we take said boat to Valdez salmon fishing. Seeing charted fishing trips start at $150+ the idea seemed brilliant at the time. Unfortunately the guy turned out to be a maniac who tried to kill me. You can read all about it   Here




Global warming makes me laugh.







I cut all the diamond willow off this rock. It took several days.



Dumb dog is now famous. I can finally prove I have the dumbest dog of all

Dumb Dog Proof


Oh no, pink sky in the morning sailors take warning. I'd go look for some diamond willow sticks to sell you but this is as light as it gets up here.




Before buying any diamond willow from our site please read our money back guarantee


Last modified: 1 Jan 2010

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